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“I met Rachel when I had a hard time. She is a good adviser and a friend and is so professional. It was a stress-free and clear process and finally my application has approved quite fast than I’ve expected. Definitely, I recommend her to all my colleagues.”


“Rachel Casseus is an amazing immigration attorney!

While preparing the Green Card application she always answered every single question I had. Rachel was extremely clear in her answers and never hesitated to meet me in person if I needed more explanation and time.

Rachel also became a strong moral support to me during this process and I have to say that she became a good friend.

I highly recommended her in my surroundings as I strongly believe in her wonderful efficiency, she is a hard worker and a very deep human being.”


“I had an exceptional experience working with Attorney Rachel Casseus on my Green Card. Rachel is very available by phone, email, or in person which is invaluable. It is not often that you meet someone in your professional life that tells you how things are going to happen and then makes these exact things happen for you. She told me I would get my green card in 6 to 8 months and this is exactly what happened. I highly recommend working with her on your Green Card.”


“Wonderful, professional and the most dedicated work ever!!! Took care of every little detail to perfection, and left me with only the minimum to do myself. Exceeded my expectation by far – couldn’t recommend more!!!”


“If you are looking for help to get your green card, Attorney Rachel Casseus is a choice you would never regret about. Highly recommend!”


“Attorney Rachel Casseus is an amazing person and a great lawyer. She is wonderful in her personality, skillful in her work, and very kind in her interaction with the applicant. She takes time to study each case, directly talks to the applicant, and she directly oversees and acts to arrange, organize, complete and submit the application document. In other words, she supports the candidate along every steps of the way towards his/her application process. I am impressed with Rachel’s work, and definitely recommend Rachel for the prospective immigration candidates who are interested to apply for immigration through National Interest Waiver, or through EB1 and EB2 processes.”


“Attorney Rachel Casseus is an extra-ordinary immigration lawyer. She is highly skilled in the field of immigration law and is completely informed about its ramifications and implications that is essential for international applicants. She applies her knowledge to support scholars to immigrate to the United States through EB1, EB2 and National Interest Waiver (NIW) channel. Professionally Rachel is impressively organized, insightful, flawless, and pay great attention to details. As a person, Rachel is extremely helpful, encouraging and motivational. I was having a complex, time-sensitive situation with my J1-waiver and I-485 applications, both of which were efficiently done and solved by Rachel. It has been my great privilege to able to forward my immigration papers through Attorney Casseus’ office, for whom the entire process became a pleasant learning experience.”


“Postdoctoral Researcher in Molecular Microbiology
Approved National Interest Waiver (NIW) and Green Card

In March 2014 I received an invitation to attend a Q&A session at Casseus Law Office, on which MIT postdocs could ask questions regarding visas, green cards, and immigration. In that time, I was not even aware of the option of self-petitioning based on academic accomplishments. Now, I happily celebrated my first July 4th as a permanent resident of the U.S.! Attorney Casseus made this possible, and moreover, her enthusiasm and professionalism made the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

Casseus Law provided a free evaluation and meeting to discuss my CV and achievements to determine whether I was a good candidate for the National Interest Waiver petition. Attorney Casseus gave me a green light to start the application process. She not only helped me to present myself at my best at my exhibits, but also helped me to obtain eight letters of recommendation from leading scientists, who could serve as independent evaluators of my work. I also received a lot of support in the later stages of the petition process – attorney Casseus and I attended InfoPass meetings, and she was always on top of my case by keeping on track with USCIS.

Immigration process could be exhausting, but in my case, attorneys Rachel and Sabine Casseus made it fun. They showed me that hard and professional work could be combined with friendship, which I hope will last!

I highly recommend Casseus Law Office to anyone considering immigration to the U.S. Obtaining National Interest Waiver and Green card opens a whole new world of work opportunities for postdocs, researchers and entrepreneurs. Why not give it a try – the 100% success of Casseus law cases says it all!”


“It was a great pleasure working with Rachel and Sabine from The Law Office of Rachel Casseus during my NIW and green card applications! I recently received my permanent residence for 10 years and am convinced the competitive package that we assembled had everything to do with it. Rachel and Sabine were always available to respond my many queries, were involved in every step of the process, and helped me navigate the confusing journey that allowed me to secure my green card and continue important scientific work. Thank you Rachel and Sabine for your amazing help!”


“I’m a postdoc at MIT and I applied for my green card in 2013 through the NIW process. I called the office of Rachel Casseus in June to get my applications started, and in less than 6 months I got my green card in the mail. I worked with Rachel Casseus through my entire application, and she guided me meticulously through each step of the process. Her guidance and experience was invaluable. She crafted my story and made it extremely convincing. My life has changed since I got my green card, and I can’t thank Rachel enough for being so helpful and dedicated.”


“Getting a green card has always been my dream. After a number of years living in the United States, it feels like I finally have access to the American dream to become whomever I want. I moved to Boston back in 2007, when I started attending my doctoral program in electrical engineering at Boston University. I graduated in 2011 and subsequently I worked for almost 2 years in a small semiconductor company. In 2013 I joined the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT as postdoctoral associate. When I heard that my colleague at MIT had had his green card approved through the National Interest Waiver process, after asking what an NIW was, I decided to pursue the same path.

The NIW process is meant for people that have an advanced degree and with exceptional abilities. I firmly believe that technology will ultimately make the world a better place, and innovation will continue to be crucial to the success of the United States in today’s global economy. Therefore, this country needs people with advanced degrees and exceptional skills to stay and create new jobs and opportunities rather than using such skills abroad.

Working with the Law Office of Rachel Casseus was a game changer. Rachel understood my case in every single aspect and was able to put together a material that fully represented my story. She was a responsive, proactive and creative mentor. My case would have not been successful without her invaluable guidance.”


“I have been in the United States since the late 1970’s. I always wanted to become a United States Citizen, but I never had the time to file for my citizenship. Rachel was amazing. She helped me gather all the information I needed to to send off to Immigration. Rachel even drove to New York to attend my citizenship test with me. I received my citizenship papers in November 2013. Without Rachel, this wouldn’t have been possible. I thank her for her guidance and expertise.”


“I filed my EB1-B petition with the help of Attorney Rachel Casseus. Rachel has a great knowledge of every aspect of immigration law as well as other laws. She is very professional in all EB-1 and NIW petitions. What has amazed me the most is that unlike many attorneys who are not so familiar with the clients’ expertise and ask clients to draft most of the petition, Rachel knows a lot about science and technology through her extensive studies. Rachel is amazing for her devotion to the case, being well organized for clients’ files, and very prompt response to every question, which is quite rare in the immigration law business. Gratifyingly, my I-140 petition got approved in only 58 days, thanks to her excellent job. I will not hesitate to refer her to my employer and my coworkers.”