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At The Law Office of Rachel Casseus, immigration attorneys Rachel Casseus and Sabine Casseus are dedicated to providing high quality representation for all of their clients.  We listen to your needs and understand that open and honest communication will help to ensure the success of your case.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Casseus Law provides assistance to individuals and corporate clients.  United States Immigration Attorneys Rachel Casseus and Sabine Casseus work with clients in all 50 states, and around the world with their diverse immigration needs. Casseus Law is an immigration practice focused on obtaining employment-based green cards for foreign professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers.  Casseus Law also works with individuals who are seeking temporary work visas in the United States. Our firm has experience in assisting talented foreign nationals obtain their green cards and citizenship. The  majority of our clients are postdoctoral researchers who work in  academia, research laboratories, and private companies across the United States.

United States Immigration Attorneys at the firm pride ourselves in handling the following cases:

Employment Based Green Cards

Sample United States Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

Sample United States Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

Family Based Green Cards


  • I-130 Family Members (Spouse, Children and Parents) of U.S. Citizen
  • K-2 Visas for Fiancé/Fiancée’s of U.S. Citizens
  • I-130 for Family Members of U.S. Permanent Resident

Non-Immigrant Visas


  • B-1/B-2      Visitors
  • E-1/E-2      Treaty Trader/Investor
  • F-1/M-1      Students
  • K-1/K-3       Fiancé(e)/Spouse Visas
  • L-1              Intra-company Transferees
  • O-1             Alien of Extraordinary Ability
  • P-1/P-3       Artists, Athletes & Entertainers
  • R                Religious Workers
  • TN NAFTA Professional Worker