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Have you or a loved one been served with a Notice to Appear in the immigration court? If the answer is yes, contact The Law Office of Rachel Casseus. Call Attorney Rachel Casseus now to start working on you or your loved ones’ immigration case. Call directly any time at 339-222-3434

Experienced in Deportation Defense: Attorney Casseus will help you determine whether the foreign national in removal proceedings is eligible for relief from deportation, now called removal. There are many forms of relief available. Schedule your free consultation today to speak with Attorney Casseus, an experienced deportation defense immigration attorney. She will counsel you and your family members to help the foreign national achieve the best outcome possible.

Attorney Casseus Successfully Defends her Clients: Attorney Casseus has succeed in terminating removal proceedings for a number of her clients who were eligible to have their removal trial terminated. Attorney Casseus works extensively to fight for her clients who have been placed in removal proceedings. Most recently on September 26, 2013, Attorney Casseus was able to get her client’s removal hearing terminated. Rachel worked with her client’s Florida criminal attorney to get her client’s Florida criminal conviction vacated. With the order from the Florida judge, Attorney Casseus drafted a Motion to Terminate Removal Proceedings. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Trial Attorney did not oppose Attorney Casseus’ motion and the Judge ordered that the proceedings be terminated. Attorney Casseus’ client was able to regain her legal permanent resident status.

Forms of Immigration Relief
• Cancellation of deportation or removal for green card holders
• Cancellation of deportation or removal for non-green card holders
• § 212(c) Waiver
• § 212(h) Waiver
• § 212(i) Waivers
• Termination of removal
• Voluntary departure
• Adjustment of status
• Asylum
• Withholding of removal
• Convention Against Torture

Common Crimes that Land a Person into Immigration Proceedings
• Drug offenses
• Sex offenses
• Fraud convictions
• Theft offenses: burglary and robbery
• Aggravated felonies: including, but not limited to: drug trafficking, murder, rape.
• Crimes involving moral turpitude
• Domestic violence
• Weapons possession most often a firearm.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of any crimes it is important that you contact an experienced immigration attorney today. Call Attorney Casseus now. 339-222-3434