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At Casseus Law, we have successfully worked with Postdocs in helping to assist them in obtaining their national interest waivers. Postdocs make good national interest waiver candidates based on the fact that they are often able to show that they meet all of the Matter of Dhanasar national interest waiver requirements.

Benefits of National Interest Waivers for Postdocs

There are many benefits of obtaining you green card through a National Interest Waiver for Postdocs.  A national interest waiver allows you to self petition for a green card meaning that you do not need a job offer or an employer to sponsor you for a green card. You have the flexibility to work for whomever you choose after you obtain your green card.  You can obtain a national interest waiver if you are in any status such as F-1, H1-B, J-1, OPT, etc.  If you are a J-1 holder that is subject to the 2 year home rule requirement, you will have to obtain a J-1 waiver, before you can adjust status to that of a permanent resident.

National Interest Waivers for Postdocs Requirements

We like to highlight our Postdoc clients’ unique abilities and specialized expertise in their fields. We are successful in our NIW cases based on the fact that we take the time to understand your field.  We also provide you with a clear roadmap as to how we will best showcase all of your contributions and achievements that you have made in your field. In working with you to compile a successful national interest waiver petition we will catalogue and organize the following information:

  • Peer reviewed publications in prominent journals
  • Conference publications
  • Speaking engagements
  • Prominent Awards that you have won
  • Patents
  • Citation reports from Google Scholar and or Research Gate
  • Letters of recommendation from distinguished researchers and professors in your field.
  • Evidence that your past work has benefitted the national interest.
  • Evidence that your future work with benefit the national interest
  • Your PhD degree and any other degrees you have received
  • Media reports about your work
  • Evidence that you are a member of a prestigious society
  • Evidence that you have worked as a peer reviewer
  • National Grants from agencies such as DARPA, HUD, NSF, CDC, NIH

At Casseus Law, we pride ourselves in brainstorming with all of our clients in helping them to document all of their unique contributions.  Oftentimes, researchers from prominent institutions will come to our office and say that they don’t feel as though they have accomplished that much.  This is a classic imposter syndrome statement.  We work with you to highlight and document the importance and the value of your work.  We have had many moments of clarity in helping our clients to discover the benefits that their work has had on the national economy, healthcare, and national defense.

We look forward to helping you obtain your National Interest Waiver today. Contact us today for a free National Interest Waiver for Postdocs credentials review.