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Here at Casseus Law, we cannot stress the importance of strong letters of recommendation. On a daily basis, I tell prospective and current clients to not be shy about this process. The vast majority of your recommenders will not write you a letter from scratch.  They will ask you to summarize your accomplishments and that they will sign your letters.  When drafting letters of recommendation,  it is important for you to remember  that these are not application letters.  I don’t know how many times I have seen in sample letters the phrase. “Dr. So and so was a pleasure to work with.”  This phrase is terrible for many reasons.  The first reason being is that the Immigration Officer reading your petition doesn’t care that you are a pleasure to work with, also this sentence does not provide any evidence of your exceptional abilities. The Officer wants you to show how your work is extraordinary/ within the national interest/puts you among the top of your field.

The main point of your letter is to give the officer the opportunity to see how talented and deserving you are of a green card.  Don’t waste this letter by including information that you are a nice person and easy to work with. For this reason, the Law office of Rachel Casseus offers a service where she will help you draft all of your letters of recommendation in order to make sure that you show how you meet the requirements for your I-140 green card.  Call today to request a quote.

NIW Letter of Recommendation

Below is a sample letter of recommendation.  At Casseus Law, we work with you to provide you the most comprehensive letters.  This letter is a starting point.

March 28, 2014

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Re: Dr. Michael Wazowski

Dear District Director:

I write this letter in strong support of Dr. Michael Wazowski who, in my opinion, is one of a small group of the most talented research scientists in the field of optics. This area holds the key to continued research and development into integrated circuits and to ensuring the integrity and performance of essential electronic systems. I am the Game of Thrones endowed Chair at The University of Lannister, where for the last 40 years, I have had the opportunity to judge and evaluate some of the very best researchers in the field. Although I do not know Dr. Wazowski personally, it is my professional opinion that he is an important asset to the engineering community because of his expert research abilities.

Dr. Wazowski has earned numerous accolades throughout his career including being appointed to several leading roles at top engineering schools and institutions. He has served as a research scientist at the prestigious Diocletian University and the Khalasar Institute. As a critical part of the engineering research team at Diocletian University, Dr. Wazowski planned and performed detailed and complex experiments on novel semiconductor materials for microelectronics applications. Dr. Wazowski expertly designed and created novel devices that further the field of Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductors (CMOS). Labs and companies all over the world are implementing Dr. Wazowski’s work.  Dr. Wazowski taught research scholars, graduate, and undergraduate students about his specialties in operating state-of-the-art nanotechnology equipment, developing new methods for semiconductor creation, as well as big data server applications.

It is clear that Dr. Wazowski has played an irreplaceable role at one of the top engineering schools in the U.S. He has been entrusted with such critical duties not because he merely possesses superior abilities as a teaching researcher, but because he possesses extraordinary abilities. Furthermore, his skills as an innovator and scientist are virtually unmatched; he has published more than 20 scientific research articles and abstracts in international journals and conferences since 2008. Retaining his services is absolutely a benefit to the U.S., and I wholeheartedly provide my support to Dr. Wazowski and urge you to approve his national interest waiver petition.



Dr. Daenerys Targaryen