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Are you married, or preparing to to get married to a United States Citizen?

Do you need help putting all the documentation together, so that you can make sure that your application gets approved?

Did you or your spouse overstay a visa?

Did you our your spouse come into the United States without inspection or commit a crime/get arrested/get convicted of a crime in court?

If any of your answers to these questions is yes, then feel free to contact The Law Office of Rachel Casseus today.

Contact Attorney Rachel Casseus for a free review to determine if your or your spouse can obtain a green card through marriage.

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Attorney Casseus is experienced in getting her clients green cards based on marriage.  Do not wait until your spouse gets rejected by the Immigration Service before you speak to an experienced immigration practitioner.  Before a foreign national submits an application to the Immigration Service, they must make sure that not only are they qualified to apply for the immigration benefit, they must also make sure that they have a clear criminal and immigration history before they apply.

Attorney Rachel Casseus will tell you what documentation you need in order to successfully obtain your green card through marriage. She will fill out your paperwork, compile all supporting documentation, and will mail your green card package over to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

After one year and 9 months of your spouse being a green card holder, Attorney Casseus will submit your I-751 petition to remove conditions from your spouses’ green card.



The current filing fee to send in a I-130 is $420