At the Law Office of Rachel Casseus, United States immigration attorney Rachel Casseus and her team believe in assisting you in obtaining your National Interest Waiver green card as quickly as possible. You will find that working with Casseus Law gives you the peace of mind that your National Interest Waiver green card process will be smooth and successful.  Because Attorney Rachel Casseus and her team only take cases that they personally believe will be successful, they have managed to maintain a 100% approval rating.

Top 10 National Interest Waiver Tips

10 Contact your recommenders ahead of time, informing them that it would be an honor to have them write you a letter of recommendation. The Law Office of Rachel Casseus will provide you with a template to request letters from recommenders.

9 Translate all foreign language documents that you intend to file with USCIS. Make sure your birth certificate and if necessary marriage and birth certificates of your spouse and children translated into English.

8 Plan your schedule,  a full year in advance.  If you are in a status other than H1-B, you will need to file an I-131 if you are planning to travel outside of the country while your I-485 green card application is pending.

7 Compile all of your historic immigration documents: I-120s, J visas, H1-B visas, visitor visas, E-2 visa, etc.

6 I-94 records can be accessed electronically. If you traveled after April 30, 2013, your I-93 Arrival/Departure record is now online.

5 Don’t wait until the last minute to contact an attorney if your visa status is running out. Casseus Law suggests that you start the NIW process at least one year before your visa status expires.

4 Update your Curriculum Vitae/Resume and sign up for a Google Scholar Report.

3 Brainstorm and draft a document that explains your work, the applications that your work has, and why your work is national in scope.

2 Write out your personal goals and your timeline for completing your national interest waiver petition.

1 Find out if you are a National Interest Waiver candidate. If you would like your green card this or next year, send your CV here. Attorney Rachel Casseus and her staff will determine if your credentials meet the NIW requirements, and will work with you to obtain your NIW and your green card.

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